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There are various ways you can book a maternity session with Chrissy Winchester Photography. In this post, I’m going to share the different types maternity sessions we offer to determine what maternity session is right for you. We will show an example of each session, plus link a gallery at the end that shows you a full gallery of each session type.

Signature Session

Our maternity Signature Sessions are great if you want to include the whole family, or have your session outside, or at a location other than the CWP studio. That being said, you are more than welcome to have your session at the studio, it just really comes down to personal preference, and what you envisioned for your maternity session. Due to the fact that the whole family is involved, these sessions are usually longer, about an hour and include a gallery of at least 35 images. These sessions also include professional hair and make-up with our wonderful team, as well as access to the studio wardrobe.

I am going to share below some examples of an in-studio and on-location maternity session to give you an idea of what it feels like and what is captured in each scenario to help determine what maternity session is right for you:

Studio Signature Maternity Session: These are a great option if the weather isn’t agreeable, children’s bedtimes are a problem, or you want to keep a really consistent, clean backdrop for the look of your photos and album. You can see an example below…

On-Location Maternity Session: Some families may choose to do an in-home or outdoor maternity session at an agreed upon location. This is a beautiful option, but produces a different look if you were hoping to keep your images consistent. Often times, people use this session as part of the Milestone Collective.

Outdoor Maternity Session Davidson NC Fisher Farm

Simplicity Session

Our Simplicity Maternity Sessions are meant to focus on mom-to-be and really highlight what miraculous work her body is doing. These sessions are held in studio, and are fairly quick. You can except your session to last 20-30 minutes depending if you choose one or two gowns to wear from the studio wardrobe. These sessions do not include professional hair and make-up, but we’re happy to refer you to our team. I’ll highlight the two types of Simplicity Sessions below:

Intimate Maternity Session: These are probably my favorite maternity sessions to shoot. There is something about seeing a bare belly vs a clothed one. To see all of the intricacies of one’s changing body; stretch marks, no stretch marks, belly button not effected, or protruding. Our intimate maternity sessions are done tastefully and skillfully to ensure you look and feel your best. We do provide various outerwear options, but ask that client’s bring their own undergarments, though we do have a few options for bust coverage, if necessary. You can also add an “intimate” portion to any studio maternity session.

Studio Intimate Maternity Session

Studio Simplicity Maternity Session:

These sessions are just for mama and are in studio. These are great if you are on the fence about documenting this time, as they are quick and don’t yield a ton of images to choose from. These are also a great option if you want to include some photos of your pregnancy into an heirloom album.

Studio Maternity Session

For a look at what a full gallery looks like for each of these sessions, please check out this helpful gallery!


What Maternity Session is Right for You?

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