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When thinking about your photoshoot, one of the first things we’ll want to narrow down is if you want an in-home, outdoor, or studio location. In today’s blog post, we’re going to share our favorite outdoor locations in Charlotte for a photo session. There are so many options, some are free, some require a fee. You can’t go wrong, no matter where you pick.

Please note, at each location, the look of the area changes depending upon the season. I’ve tried to document those changes as best I can.

Fisher Farm Park- Davidson

By far, one of my favorite outdoor locations in Charlotte for a photo session is Fisher Farm, located in Davidson NC. There are acres upon acres of green space to choose from, which is a rare thing to find at a park in this area. This neutral and basic background allows for pretty color and texture without too many distractions.

favorite outdoor locations in Charlotte

This sweet sister photo was taken in the Spring, just in front of the tall grasses that run along the back of the property. Fun fact, during Spring, there will be some purple blooms!

Favorite Outdoor Locations in Charlotte

This maternity photo was taken during Summer. To the left of the parking lot, there is line of trees that you can walk behind where there are mountain bike trails. This photo was taken in that area, and allowed beautiful light to come through the trees. Fun fact, during the Summer, there are yellow blooms back there!

The above photo was taken in the Fall. Right off the parking lot there is a large open field with a tree line along the right and left side of the property, and a field of tall grasses at the back property. This photo was taken at the intersection where the tree line and tall grasses meet.

favorite outdoor locations in Charlotte

This maternity photo was taken in the Winter. A lot of the tall grasses that were left had turned brown. Most of the trees had lost their leaves, except for the evergreens. It still makes for a beautiful backdrop!

Abersham Park- Davidson

Abersham park is a much smaller park compared to Fisher Farm, but still offers beautiful places for photographs. It is just a few minutes down the road from Fisher Farm, along the Davidson Greenway. There are a few different areas to choose from here, from green spaces to boulders.

Family session at Abersham Park Davidson NC

This photo was taken during the early fall. To the left of the parking lot is a beautiful walking trail with a pretty fence line that makes for an interesting backdrop.

favorite outdoor locations in Charlotte

This is a photo of the fence line and walking trail during the same time of year.

Also taken during the fall, this shows an open space at the top of a hill at Abersham Park.

favorite outdoor locations in Charlotte

These photos were taken almost into winter. The grasses are brown, but the evergreens remain green. There is also a little area right off the parking lot that has some interesting boulders and grasses that make for a nice backdrop. There is an also large open field with a line of evergreens that’s just beautiful.

Downtown Davidson + Davidson College

A great option if you like more of a backdrop for your photos. There are various places downtown to shoot, including fun colored walls and quaint streets. We can also easily hop over to the college if you want a traditional brick and greenery backdrop.

This spring session was done on Davidson College campus. There are lots of brick buildings and tree-lined pathways to choose from!

These headshots were taken during the summer in downtown Davidson. We may be lucky enough to find some things in bloom during that time of year. There is lots of lush greenery just behind Main Street.

Favorite Outdoor Locations in Charlotte

The above photos were taken late into fall, but there is still lots of greenery around, as well as beautiful brick pathways, and fun colored walls!

Jetton Park- Cornelius

There are a variety of backdrops to choose from here. They will change depending on the season, but there are a variety of colors and textures available, depending on where you look. The most notable feature of Jetton Park is the option to have the lake as a backdrop. One of the only parks in the area that has such a feature. It’s also easily accessible from route 77 if you’re coming up the highway.

outdoor locations in Charlotte

Taken during the spring, there are beautiful Azalea bushes that bloom right near the pavilion at Jetton.

outdoor locations in Charlotte

Taken during the early fall, these photos were shot along the path from the beach to the pavilion. Lots of beautiful light that filters through the trees during that time of year.

Freedom Park- Uptown Charlotte

Another of our favorite outdoor locations in Charlotte is Freedom Park. It’s a fan favorite also, for being close to the city, but also having some green spaces. There area a few different backdrops to choose from here. There is a cute little pond with a beautiful stone bridge that makes for a pretty spot. The draw back here is that it’s usually very crowded, making it hard to get a perfectly empty backdrop.

Favorite Outdoor Locations in Charlotte

If you’re lucky enough to get there at just the right time during Spring, you might be able to catch the pear trees blooming like this maternity session.

During the fall, there are still plenty of trees that stay green, making for a beautiful backdrop against the pond, as seen in the photos above.

This photo was taken at the beginning of winter and is still equally as beautiful with the stonework bridge and other structures around the park.

Romare Bearden Park- Uptown Charlotte

One of the best spots if you want photos of the skyline in your photos, while also having some more variety, like greenery and stone areas. Much like the other parks in the city, this area can be very busy and parking can be difficult, but it’s a beautiful spot!

This maternity session was done in the spring and there were lots of beautiful blooms everywhere at the park. There were enough little pockets of space that we were able to avoid the crowds and get some beautiful photos.

Taken during fall, you can see if you time it right, we might be able to capture some holiday decorations at Romare Bearden. There are a variety of backdrops available.


Favorite Outdoor Locations in Charlotte

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