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In this blog post, I’m going to share my experience on In-home vs studio newborn session. Most of my clients are now doing studio newborn sessions. However, most of my clients used to do in-home sessions, so I have a fair amount of experience doing both. They each have their pros and cons. This will hopefully help you decide what works best for your family! At the bottom of this post, is a link to a gallery that shows a great comparison of what an in-home vs studio newborn session looks like.

In-Home Newborn Session

These sessions are great if you want a really personalized feel from images. In-home newborn sessions allow us to shoot in your personal living space, capturing your style and current lifestyle.

Typically with an in-home session we shoot in the nursery, master bedroom and occasionally in the living room or outside. If the master bedroom isn’t well lit with a neutral background, we can also choose to shoot in another bedroom. I always like to ask if you’d like specific decor photos of the nursery. Often times, new moms spend hours of their lives planning the perfect nursery; I want to make sure that’s documented if that’s important to them!

These sessions are also great if you choose to include pets. They are in familiar surroundings, have access to all of their things, and their own yard.

In-home newborn sessions will usually include a lot of family shots and less images of baby by him/herself. There aren’t a ton of props or beanbags brought to in-home sessions. Therefore, any images that are taken of baby will be done on a white blanket. This requires very simple, basic posing and leans to a very lifestyle look for the images.

If you’re more comfortable being in your own home, or don’t want to travel, this maybe a good fit for you. Keep in mind, a travel fee may apply.

For your session, we will still bring wardrobe, wraps, hats and headbands for baby. You are welcome to check out the online studio wardrobe before your session. We will then ask you to pick 4-6 favorites and we’ll bring them day-of to make a decision. From there, we’ll dress the rest of the family based on your choice. If siblings are involved in the session, I will bring coordinating outfits that match your dresses for them to choose.

If you have siblings joining the session, some parents find it easier to be at home. This allows you to bring the kids in and out of the session. It also allows for them to have access to their own favorite snacks and toys and to give breaks more easily. However, If big brother or sister knows all of their toys and snacks are waiting for them, they might find it hard to concentrate during the photos.

Lastly, I stress to all of my clients not to panic about the state of their house. However, there will be tidying/de-cluttering that needs to take place. Specifically focusing on the master and nursery, or whatever the main shooting locations will be. This means clearing-off nightstands, picking up baby liter, etc.

To summarize, let’s do a classic, pros and cons list:

Studio Newborn Session

This is a great option if you want a clean, simple, classic look to your images. If you’re doing multiple sessions with us, it will also ensure a consistent and bright look. Our studio is “plain” and white for a reason- beautiful light and no distractions. We really want to keep the focus on the subjects, you and your family!

We have all of the things you might need for baby here: diapers, wipes, burp clothes, bottle warmer, lounger and toys. There are also snacks and drinks for siblings and mom and dad. Our goal is for the studio to really feel like a home away from home. We want each of our guests to feel comfortable and welcome.

Being at the studio, there are obviously endless options to choose from in the studio wardrobe. You aren’t limited to just what was brought for your session. This can be helpful if we need to look at other options.

The studio has all of the necessary items for a newborn session. This includes our large bean bag and posing beans, which is where most photos of baby are taken. Having these items allow for more creativity with posing.

As mentioned above, pets in studio is definitely possible! We LOVE to photograph your fur babies and know how important it is to include them in the session. We just ask that you be mindful of the limited space we have, and the length of your session.

While some parents find it easier to have a session at home when siblings are involved, others find the studio easier. There are less distractions and it’s a new atmosphere, which will keep their attention for longer. It’s also a new place and person, which tends to have them on their best behavior, at least for a little while! We have plenty of toys here for them to play with, and snacks to keep them happy!

Probably the most common reason, aside from the lighting, that clients choose the studio is because all they have to do is show up! There is no cleaning that needs to be done, no messes that need to be stuffed away, no prep to be done aside from packing up to get there!

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

To check out a full session from both an in-home newborn session, as well as a studio session, please CLICK HERE. This is a great way to see the difference between an in-home vs studio newborn session.

To read more helpful articles, please check out the studio blog post category.


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