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Briede Family | Davidson Family Photographer

February 19, 2016

Being a Davidson Family Photographer, I am always on the search for good places to shoot. I started shooting at the Davidson College Campus just this past fall and fell in love! It’s such a wonderful spot with a gorgeous backdrop. I was excited to have this family session there!
Y’all know I’m a sucker for the candid shots. Mom was trying to pep up this little peanut to push through the last portion of our shoot and I would say a good round of ring-around-the-rosey does the trick!
Davidson Family PhotographerI adore this shot! Such sweet kiddos and mom and dad loving on them is too cute!
Davidson Family Photographer
Mom and dad got a kick out of the kids’ faces in this shot! It was starting out to be the perfectly posed family shot, and then they went and acted like kids, hah! That is why I love this shot- genuine personalities and reactions is what, in my mind, makes for the best photos!
Oh my word. HOW cute are they?! I just about died when this image came across my screen while editing. This needs to be on a big ‘ole canvas on a wall!
I think this was an all-around favorite. These kiddos are so fun to work with and they really are the sweetest brother and sister duo!

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