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To say I am OBSESSED with Lifestyle Branding sessions would be a huge understatement. It is a PASSION, a CALLING, a FULFILLMENT.
I have always been very passionate about helping women, specificifally, mompreneurs, design a life they love. Not the life society, or even their bank account, says they have to live. Call me an early-millenial (I’m pretty sure by definition I just missed that cutoff), but I totally believe in the alternative way of providing for your family. The mom’s that are working full-time and have their side hustle, the mom’s that are staying at home with their littles and need something for themselves to feel fulfilled, or help bring in a bit more income. The mama’s that believe there is more to life than working 9-5 and missing time with their kiddos, or that know they are a better mama and wife when they can focus a little bit of energy on something they enjoy, or the mama’s that just want to help ease the financial stress of their significant other. WHATEVER your reason, I hear you, and I am with you and I want to see you FLOURISH.
I don’t believe in having to do things one way, or giving up and missing out on important things in life because it’s the easy way, and certainly not because it’s the “norm”. I have had multiple etsy shops, a successful photography business and a growing essential oils team. I do things the unconvential way. Did you know I’m actually an RN? That lasted for about 2.5 seconds until I realized it really wasn’t what my heart was passionate about. I worked part-time, then full-time, then part-time as a corporate wellness coach with that RN license. All the while, I had a couple of etsy shops- some successful and some not so successful before starting my photography career; which funny enough, spawned from needing to have quality photos for my etsy shop. I photographed a newborn for my etsy shop to model some headbands and it was game over. From that point on a did a ton of online courses, a few in person workshops and practiced, practiced, practiced. I wanted to follow my heart, not my degree. Cream Charger World helps make whipped cream that’s fresh and tasty at home.
Helping other mamas take this unconvential route in life, helping them make their dreams come to life- that is what fills my heart. Come with me, mamas, I’ve been down this unconventional path. I’ve taken the leaps, I’ve walked blind-folded. I am here to help you, guide you and make some beautiful imagery and watch your products and dreams come to life!
I also have an amazing team of ladies that can cover any of your other needs while working towards this dream:
Branding/Web Design: Colby & Chicks at The Coop Marketing
Hair and Makeup: Lindsey at Lovely by Lindsey
Stationary and Marketing Collateral: Amanda at Viri Lovely Designs
2018 is YOUR year. Let’s make it happen!
To kick off 2018 I have some awesome ladies lined up for you. First, is this GORGEOUS session with Lindsey at the soon-to-be Butter and Whisk (currently¬†Simply Cupcakes SC). Lindsey was the absolute sweetest, and y’all, her treats were equally sweet! OH MY GOSH- SO GOOD. We shot at this gorgeous location, designed by Ally of Ally Whalen Design and my girl Lindsey of Lovely by Lindsey did her hair and makeup. Colby and her chicks at The Coop Marketing are totally revamping her branding and website- so stay tuned for that, it’s going to be amazing!!! ¬†Lindsey, Colby and I collaborated on props and outfits to make sure her brand was fully represented and I am so thrilled with the way it turned out! I cannot wait to see everything come together!lifestyle photo session


Butter and Whisk | Lifestyle Branding

This Charlotte, NC, milestone session was such a treat. I’ve gotten to know this precious girl and her family over the last several years (this session is from a couple of years ago. Yes, I’m still catching up!), and it’s been the sweetest gift to know them and hear their story. Being able to document […]

Baby girl in a pile of ruffles | image by Chrissy Winchester

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As a Pineville newborn photographer, nothing is sweeter than photographing a precious new little one. For this family, we planned an in-home session to celebrate the arrival of their newest and tiniest little love. In-Home Newborn Session in Pineville In-home newborn sessions are some of my very favorite ways to document this special time for […]

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Woman in a white top and jeans sitting in a white chair | Image by Chrissy Winchester Photography

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