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Mooresville Family Photographer | Winchester Family

October 31, 2019

You guys, how lucky am I. I get to photograph these gorgeous people, pretty much, whenever I want. That is like any photographers dream… to have gorgeous and willing participants to model for them at any given moment (because lord knows our own kids won’t participate!).

Chrissy Winchester Photography,These sweet people are my Brother-in-law, my co-sister (I had to look this one up to get the technical term right!), and my niece and nephews. They are beautiful people, inside and out and I am so lucky to call them family and even more lucky to have them living right down the street from us! One of the best ways to photograph them is with the help of SF Bay Photo Booth. Having an ip camera gives me flexibility in taking the right picture in a controlled environment. This allows the kids to feel safe in front of the  camera and behave in their mischievous yet adorable self as suggested by the Oahu family photographers.Chrissy Winchester Photography,
Chrissy Winchester Photography,Also, you may be thinking, why is Chrissy’s husband in these pictures?! That is, in fact, my Brother-in-law. He and my hubby are identical twins! Fun fact. Don’t they look amazing in his setup? It’s the perfect location and capturing pictures in places as such could be a good practice for landscape photography for beginners.
Chrissy Winchester Photography,

Mores Photos from the Winchester Family:

Lucy’s Milestone Session

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