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At the end of last year, I made the switch from being a, what I’ll call, “hybrid” newborn photographer, to fully lifestyle for my newborn sessions. I had been doing a mixture of lifestyle newborn photography as well as “lightly posed” baby shots- ya know, where the babies are all wrapped up in coordinating wraps and blankets and headbands or hats and put into a basket…
Through my journey, I have had to determine my likes and dislikes, my strengths and weaknesses and what really speaks to me and my art form, and this is where I’ve landed. I’m pretty excited about it, because it really creates beautiful imagery showing how the new family has grown and the connections they have with this precious new family member!
Lifestyle Newborn Photography

What does “lifestyle” mean?

Well, if you ask Google, it means this:

“Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people in different times.”
If you ask a photographer, the definition will likely change a little bit from person to person. As creatives, most of us put our own little mark and stamp on how we do certain genres of photography. For me, I still like to include hats and headbands in my sessions, but other lifestyle photographers might say- no way. Which brings me to my next point…

Can we still use hats and headbands?

Yes! I will still get shots of baby by him or herself and I love a cute hat or headband just as much as the next person! Typically for these shots, I will take photos of baby laying on a rug, bed, chair, etc. I will not be posing them or putting them in any sort of a basket/box/prop, but will capture them all bundled up in their natural positions.

What should we wear?

I always suggest wearing clothing that is free from distractions and will go nicely with the warm, fresh feel of a new baby- so neutral and pastel colors work best. Always avoid clothing with writing or graphics.

Does our baby have to be in the suggested first 14 days of life?

No, that’s the beauty of lifestyle newborn photography. According to newborn photography utah, if you decide three weeks after your little one has made his or her appearance, that you just HAVE to capture this time on film (because, it will be gone in an instant!), that is totally doable! In traditional photography, the photographer will want the baby to still be nice and sleepy and pliable, but since we are focusing more on the connection and interaction in lifestyle session, it’s not as crucial that baby be sleepy and pliable.
Lifestyle Newborn Photography

My Why:

The google definition above… THAT is exactly why I love lifestyle newborn photography. Yes, absolutely, the pictures of babies in frog pose (where their head rests on their hands and their feet are tucked up under them) are SUPER cute. Yes, I oogle over my photographer friends who do this beautifully. However, that is not where my heart is. The images that stop me dead in my tracks, are the ones where mom and dad are drawn in close with their new snuggly baby and the connection shines through as if you were right there seeing them meet for the first time. That is part of their story, and those are their moments as a new family. That is what I love to capture.
If you think Lifestyle Newborn Photography is right for you, and you’d like to work with me, you can contact me here. I’d love the opportunity to work with you!


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