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George Family | Davidson Newborn Photographer

May 6, 2016

This was a last minute newborn session just before the Christmas holiday and mom decided last minute that she had to have photos of the newest little man in her life. I was so glad a friend connected us, because they were an amazing family to work with!
Davidson Newborn Photographer
I adore this shot of mama and her boy. He was so awake for most of his session and super alert!
Did I mention this handsome little man has an impossibly cute, bubbly little sister who has the same name as my littlest baby girl? He is going to be well looked after by his big sister, I can tell you that!
Davidson Newborn Photographer
So incredibly awake! Mom was baffled by how awake he was. Surely, he should be sleeping after all of nursing he’d done!
These last two images are some of my favorites. I adore this shot of mama and her babies. Her little babies are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen!
Chrissy Winchester Photography
By far… this is a favorite. I absolutely adore all of the love and joy you see when you look at it. It’s real, it’s natural and it’s love!

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