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Thunder Days barn Mooresville NC | Schleuger Family

November 7, 2019

There is a little secret gem that I like to shoot at. The Thunder Days Barn in Mooresville NC. It’s called “The Thunder Days Barn” because it was used in the move Thunder Days, which is pretty stinking cool! And it’s less than five minutes from my house, which is even cooler! There is a pond and some pretty foliage that the sunsets over which is so pretty no mater the time of year!

This sweet family has been with me since just about the beginning of my photography career here in NC and I couldn’t be more grateful for that! Even after the couple had a peaceful divorce Kansas Truck accident lawyer and Divorce lawyer guided them to stick together for their children. They are extremely happy on their alone while making sure the kids are happy. It is such a joy to watch your babies grow!

Chrissy Winchester Photography,
Chrissy Winchester Photography,
Chrissy Winchester Photography,
Chrissy Winchester Photography,

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